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Frequently Asked Questions


What is branding?
Branding, at least in how we approach it, is to create an identity for your product or service. Notice we focus on the product/service and not on your company. The reason for this is that your goal should be to get clients to consume or use your product or service. Too many companies focus on owner egos or corporate culture in their branding forgetting that if consumers aren’t buying the product, then the company is failing. Corporate culture is for the established company and not for the newly minted one. A great example of successful branding is McDonald’s and their “golden arches.” The golden arches is the symbol of McDonalds. No matter where the consumer sees them, they know exactly what to expect. You won’t build a “golden arches” overnight because that takes time. However, getting the right brand at the start provides you a blueprint for your startup and gives potential clients and investors a sense of professionalism.
Why the Cognent startup design service over that of a traditional advertising agency?
Our branding design service fills a valuable niche, that of the professional design service for limited-budget needs. Unlike traditional advertising agencies, our branding and logo design service fills the need of a startup with a limited budget to cement a brand identity during its startup phase. A traditional advertising agency provides the necessary branding expertise to a company that has graduated from the startup phase and is ready to gain traction by reaching a wider audience.
Why is an American based company important for your initial branding?
There are many foreign designers offering affordable logo design, some as low as $20, to new companies. Although many provide good work, the problem is accountability. The last thing a new company needs is to pay for a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement or to fail the due diligence required from an investor who asks that the company’s intellectual property be properly registered.

An American-based company is accountable because should the need arise, you can litigate a disagreement in court should it be necessary. It is extremely difficult and cost prohibitive to sue in a foreign court. An American-based company is accountable to you for the work it produces.

The problem can be as simple as using a template to design your logo. It is legal. But consider what happens if a competitor uses a logo that looks exactly as yours. You would consider demanding they stop using it only to find out you do not have exclusive rights to it because the template does not provide the exclusive right for you to use the logo you paid for. Read our case study on what happened to one company and how we fixed it for them.
What is a Brand Style Guide and why do I need one?
A brand only works when it is used consistently in all your communications. The colors and the fonts are an important part of your brand. Whether it is print, digital, video or any form, your brand should be foremost and consistent every time. Our Brand Style Guide is a one-page cheat sheet providing color codes to use for your brand colors, your logo and the avatar or profile to ensure consistency. You can provide the style guide to your print shop, graphics designer and anyone working on creating content for your company to ensure consistency everywhere.
What files do I get with your logo package?
We provide you with high-resolution, print-ready files of your logo, both in full color and black-and-white. The files we make available to you are .png files with a transparent background. This file can be used in any word processing program and provided to your printer to print. The file can also be added to any picture or image. We also include a .pdf file that can be used by any print shop or graphics designer.
Do you provide the fonts?
We make the logo we provide to you to use without needing the fonts. We also include the font type name we used in your brand style sheet. However, due to licensing requirements, we cannot transfer the fonts to you. You must purchase them or acquire them on your own. You should also note that we often modify a font in your logo or create a new font for your logo. Because these are customized for your logo, we do not have a complete font set to make available to you. However, we include the names of complementary fonts in the style guide we provide you.
Can you help me with my Google advertising?
Yes, Cognent can manage your online advertising including connecting and managing your Google Analytics and running Google advertisements. Cognent charges a flat rate of 15% of your advertising (ad buy) plus production fees for the advertisement.

Domain Names

Can I use my own domain name?
If you already registered your domain name, we would need you to make some changes to your Name Servers so that we can host your website under the domain name. If you prefer not to make changes, we will transfer the domain name to us. To do so, you will be required to another year to your domain name registration. If you have not registered a domain name, we will register one for you.
Is there an advantage for keeping my domain name with Cognent?
Yes. Cognent offers a full-service domain name concierge service to you. We ensure that you are aware of the renewal date of your domain name. We have access to your domain name even if the email address you used to register it no longer works. Our domain name registration service includes privacy registration for the domain name at no extra charge. Our domain name registration service includes updates to the domain name record, including the name servers at no additional fee to you. We handle all the technical processes of managing a domain name registration.
How can I transfer my domain name to another registrar?
To transfer a domain name away from us, your account needs to be current. When you are ready to transfer the domain name, download our Domain Name Release Form and return it to us. The domain name release form can be downloaded using this link. If you decide to move your domain name to another registrar, make sure you start the transfer process at least 30 days before the domain name is set to expire to avoid any transfer problems.
What happens if I do not renew my domain name?
After your domain name expires, all services including any website attached to the domain name will stop working. Any email accounts attached to the domain name will also stop working.
How long after my domain name expires do I have before I lose it?
A domain name typically expires one day after the expiration date. Depending on the TLD (the part after the dot, for example com in .com) the domain can be renewed up to 30 days after it has expired. However, this is not a guarantee and once a domain name has entered the expired status it can be lost. Some TLDs offer a redemption period of up to 30 days at a much higher fee than a normal domain name registration.
Help, I forgot to renew my domain name and now someone else has it. What can I do?
Generally, there is nothing that can be done to recover a domain name that is registered by someone else. We will attempt to help you recover it; however, it is generally cost prohibitive to do that.

Technology Services

How do I access my email account?
Access your email from anywhere and from any device using this link. If you are on the road and you need a quick way to access your email account, use, or to access your email.
Can I host my website at a hosting company I choose?
Yes. Although we do not advise it, we will provide you with the necessary files to host your website at the hosting company you choose for HTML (static) websites. When choosing a hosting company, ensure that they will allow you to host HTML files. For Wordpress sites, there is an additional fee of $250 to cover the costs of configuring your website at your hosting provider. For HTML only websites, you will be responsible for uploading your website files and configuring your hosting to work properly. When you host your website with a third-party provider, we do not guarantee the functionality of all the website’s features as we have no control over the hosting once you have moved away from Cognent.
How soon can you build me my branding/website package?
After you sign up for our services, we can generally have your logo, branding package, website, email and social media channels ready for you within five days. Much will depend on how long it takes you to approve different stages of the process, like selecting the logo or domain name.
Do you offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
All our website packages include search engine optimization (SEO) as part of the package. In addition, we offer a full-service SEO package that includes social media channels, backlinking, targeted keywords and search engine positioning. Click here to learn more about how SEO works.
Do you offer Wordpress sites?
Yes, we offer full-service Wordpress packages that include design, deployment and regular maintenance.
Can you help me with my social media pages?
We offer a social media package that includes creating the social media channel, adding the branded artwork and creating the first post. We also offer a social media monthly package where we create and post content on your social media and manage comments and user engagement. Our fees for managing up to three social media channels for you start at $250 per month.
Can you help me with my QR code?
Yes, we offer several QR code options, including a plain one, one with a logo and another you can use to track visits.
What is 10DLC?
10DLC are ten-digit telephone numbers that telephone carriers accept for text messaging (SMS). To send text messages you need to register your company as a “brand” for sending text messages. Once your company is approved as a brand, it needs to register a telephone number, or numbers as a campaign to send text messages. Cognent can register your brand and campaign. Our approval rates for both is generally hours instead of days. Telephone carriers can block your text messages if you do not use 10DLC approved numbers. Use this form to request a 10DLC registration from Cognent.
What Is Text Messaging Consent?
Due to the abuse of automated text messages by unregistered numbers, telephone carriers are now requiring, in addition to 10DLC registrations (see above), that you prove that you have consent to send messages to the telephone numbers you send to. One way to show consent is a check box on your online forms allowing the visitor who contacts you online to consent to receiving a response from you via a text message.

About Cognent

Who is Cognent?
Cognent [C O G N • E N T \ käg­nənt \ n] is a creative and technology firm specializing in providing quality services to smaller and startup companies. We strive to fill the void between mom-and-pop, and established companies with robust budgets seeking professional advertising, branding and technology services. We offer a full suite of creative and technology services at affordable pricing for startups and smaller companies. Our focus is to provide your company with the professional services required to take your company to the level that can afford full-service advertising and enterprise technology services. Click here to read about our company history.
What services does Cognent offer?
Cognent offers logo creation, brand development, hosted email solutions and website services. We also offer 10DLC registrations, App development and domain name registration. Our services are designed for the startup company looking for a brand and online presence while they deploy their service or product and attract investors and new clients.
Who is Politico Campaigns?
Politico Campaigns is the political services division of Cognent. The political division specializes in providing creative and technology services to political candidates and advocacy/grassroots companies we work with.

Terms of Service

How long are your contracts?
Our hosting services are billed in quarterly increments, or every three months. You can cancel hosting anytime, but we do not offer refunds once payment has been received. Domain name fees are paid annually. All other services are billed as ordered.
What are Cognent’s payment terms
Cognent payment terms for services are NET 10 days. Payment terms for programming or other labor services are billed upon completion of the requested service. Some service requests require a 50% payment upon the request to begin production, with 25% due upon the delivery of a mockup or testing environment and the balance due upon the completion of the project. Payments not received by Cognent on the eleventh day after the invoice is generated are considered past due. Click here to read our payment policies.
Where do I make my payments?
Credit card payments may be made online using the link provided on your invoice. Payments may also be mailed to:

Att: Accounting Department
PO Box 53641
Orlando, FL 32853
My service was interrupted for non-payment. What do I need to do to restore my service?
To restore service, all past due amounts plus any reactivation fees must be paid in full before service can be reactivated.