Cognent Payment & Service Interruption Policies

Cognent accepts payments for services pursuant to the current Terms of Service. Cognent’s payment policies are: All past due amounts incur a late fee of $35.00 beginning eleven days after the invoice date. Any past due account is subject to service interruption without further notice. Dishonored checks, drafts or credit cards are subject to a surcharge of $35.00. A reactivation fee of $50.00 applies to all accounts deactivated for unpaid balances or violations of the Cognent Terms of Service. All past due amounts must be paid before service can be reactivated. Cognent bills in United States Dollars (USD) for all services. Cognent bills for all services on NET 10 days, if applicable or Due on Receipt.

Mail Payments To:

Att: Accounting Department
PO Box 536421
Orlando, FL 32853

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