Cognent Company History


Martín Paredes established DigiMex in Cd. Juárez, México manufacturing and selling IBM clone computers.


By 1993, DigiMex had entered the American market, selling IBM clone computers to US businesses and government agencies.


In 1995, DigiMex began to diversify by adding custom programming services in dBase III to its service offerings.


By 1998, DigiMex was adding website services to its product offerings at a time when the Internet was just beginning to become necessary in the business world.


Just two years later, DigiMex, now operating in the American market as had become the leading website provider on the U.S.-México border region centered around El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juárez.


By 2001, had established itself as an award winning website services provider, winning an Associated Press award for its Spanish-language Univision website, among numerous other awards.


Growing exponentially, rebranded itself into Cognent in 2004. In addition to website work, Cognent incorporated many other services into its growing portfolio, including network services, cable drops and other Internet-related services in the quest to offer complete holistic services to its growing client list.


By 2006, Cognent had offices in Austin and Dallas, Texas, as well as in Juárez where much of the creative labor was performed, and in Guadalajara, México, as it continued to grow its service offerings centered around the Internet and cloud computing.


Six years later, Cognent relocated its corporate operations to the eastcoast of the United States to better serve its client base. In addition to moving its corporate offices to Orlando, Cognent moved its sales and technical teams to Silicon Valley.


By 2020, Cognent leveraged the growing use of remote workers to continue to offer its service offerings at more affordable price points using expertise from across the globe.

Today, Cognent remains a premiere branding and technology company.

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