The First Five Things You Need For A Successful Startup

You have a product or service idea. You feel it will revolutionize the way things are done. Before you raise capital and before you start to form your company there is one thing most new entrepreneurs fail to do. It is to brand their idea.

At first glance it looks like it’s a waste of time and money. Yes, traditional branding is expensive and eventually necessary to grow your company. Nonetheless branding is important to your startup as the first step you take. With Cognent’s entrepreneurial startup package, branding your startup shouldn’t be expensive and it’s the most important first step for your startup.

Branding sets the tone for the success of your company. Branding isn’t simply the logo and the colors; it is creating the things that make your startup shine. These are the FIVE items you need to take to successfully launch your startup.

Pick A Name

Picking a name seems a logical first step. But are you picking the right name?

Get A Domain Name

A domain name is your storefront in today’s digital age. A domain name is the entry doorway to your place of business.

Get A Logo

The logo sets the tone for your business and your product or service.

Launch a Website

Your website is the store front for your start up. It is essential for customers and investors alike.

Get Social

Create your social media channels. Grab the attention of your customers where they are - on social media.